Live Science infotainment- A boon for the 21st century kids

May 20, 2020

Learning is more sustainable and fun when it’s interactive and colorful. Don’t you agree?

Back in the 90s, predating the evolution of smartphones, our sources of science infotainment were limited to a few television shows. ‘Sid the Science Kid’, ‘Mythbusters’,’Bill Nye the Science guy’, were the shows with some real cool science experiments. For those of us who have grown up watching these shows, would agree to it that watching science experiments on television as a kid, were one of the best stories of childhood.Science shows not only entertained us, but also laid a healthy foundation for our premature, inquisitive minds.

A study conducted in the University of Massachusetts called ‘Media and Young children’s learning’, undertook the notion on how to maximize the positive effect of media on children, and how to minimize the negative effects. According to it, early exposure to cognitive based science model for kids enhances the intelligent quotient (IQ) in them.Nowadays, the internet and social media have made science infotainment accessible to everyone. But, what if you could have live science experiments at your home (keyword) itself? Won’t it be a joy, to watch your kid learn in the comfort of his own house, with a smile on his face?

This is possible, through mad science infotainment shows!

But the question remains, how to make it possible? Live science infotainment shows cannot be a daily affair, right? How about we make their weekends explorative as well as educational, through various theme based science shows.Let your children spend their weekend with superheroes, magical creatures, and the wonders of nature, with a learning experience that will guide them through life.

A child’s birthday party  is one such occasion, where a lot of kids are gathered together,eating cake and having the time of their lives. If the elements of a mad science show is added to it, the amount of knowledge they would grasp and retain would be enduring and immaculate. How fruitful would it be in the long run, if your child could learn at least five hacks on each of his birthdays, and each one of his friend’s birthday party! Science themed parties would be like a cherry on top of the birthday celebrations!

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