We at science-O-mania aspire to make science not only a source of learning for children but empower them with the ability to see through different aspects of life through it.

We want  to make children capable of leading from the very early stages of life. We understand that each child is special and unique in his own way and we strive to nurture that uniqueness.

In view of the above aspirations we dedicate ourselves to make this one special day” extra special” and we won’t hesitate to go an extra mile for it.

Things we’re involved in:-


We believe in giving back to society what we’ve taken from it, and in light of this belief we have pledged to organize workshops and camps for children who most of the time, don’t get an opportunity to be apart of such an amazing community of Learners. We aim to see each child develop a passion for what they enjoy the most and give them opportunities to come forward and prove their excellence to the world.

When organisations plan to reward their valuable assets and their families by organising family days for them, we would love to assist them by conceptualising the best day for children at their Parents work place, for them to know that they’re a part of a beautiful professional family.

Corporate Events

Birthday party

This is yet another reason for any Parents to take some time off and celebrate with their children. Give us a chance to plan and organize it with the most fulfilling experience of a lifetime for your child.

In today’s era, Parents look for different learning sources and out of the box ideas for their children. Let us do the needful by organising amazing, themed workshops for your children to gain a handful of experience during the weekends


Play Dates

Your child deserves the best time with his pals over the weekends or on a special only mothers gathering. Don’t let your child’s worry hamper in organising something special for your own self.  PS-let us handle that without you having to plan what would they do on your next lunch date with friends.

Summer camp

It’s time for them to get home and not having to return school until the next month, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We organize fun and learn the me summer camps, based on age appropriate content for children to learn amazing science concepts with simple activities. Enroll for these if you want your child to build a passion for curiosity and make learning a way of life.

Online classes

With the rise in the usage of internet and online learning programs, don’t let your child be left behind by not being a part of the online community. We also engage children in online infotainment and birthdays.