Organize Best Mad Science Harry Potter Birthday Party For Your Kid in 2020

May 20, 2020



Birthdays are special, to everyone. Somewhere between planning our Mad Science  Harry Potter Birthdays, singing the birthday song and opening gifts the next day, the stories of our childhood said goodbye. But the true beauty of the celebration lies not in the extravaganza,but inside the child’s mind. They are happy, amused by everything happening around them. They are swirling and soaring in the seventh sky, much like the seeker in a Quidditch tournament! Planning birthday parties like a muggle is too mainstream. Let’s make the birthday party magical. So grab your spell books, robes and wands, and let’s brainstorm birthday party ideas like a pure blood magician!




  1.  Birthday invites: Hogwarts acceptance letters

Deliver the birthday party invites at the doorsteps of the invitees.“You’ve been chosen for a magical evening, at the Hogwarts School Witchcraft and Wizardry”, Write your address below and be prepared to witness some really cool harry potter mad science experiments. This will definitely set a thrilling tone for your party in the minds of your guests!


  1. Platform 9¾: The Gateway

835832a91d34f6f4255a9c694b1e5760Your main door could be the magical gateway to the house of wonders and a magical birthday party which also adds as your striking Mad Science Birthday decor . You can prepare special platform tickets for 93⁄4, to give your guests as
souvenirs. A memory which will stick with you, like those sticky slimes.


  1. The Birthday Feast

Small bulbs lit on the walls and the rooftops, and candles lit on the dinner table will definitely set the Hogwarts main hall feast ambiance . But in order to truly capture the essence of the feast, serve dishes like Pumpkin pasties, chocolate brownies, Pumpkin juice and Cold Butterbeer. Also label soft drinks as different potions, such as the Felix Felicis and the Polyjuice potion. For the birthday child prepare the special Birthday cake, which Hagrid had prepared for Harry for his 11th birthday!


  1. Costumes


Since it is a theme birthday party, request your guests to wear the costumes of their favorite characters from Harry Potter. You can also have custom robes made of different houses, and give them to your guests to wear upon their arrival. This can also be their return gift, perfect for a Birthday party accessory.



  1. Music: The Hedwig’s Theme

One of the most apt. songs for a special Mad Science themed birthday party, the Hedwig’s theme. Play this in the background throughout the party and especially during the feast and watch the magic of the tunes on the children  During the dance, you might want to  play the mellow track from the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire. This will add a mellow flavor to the birthday party.

Apart from all this, you can add other magical relics in the birthday party, such as spell-books, pictures on the staircases, etc. If this seems like a lot of work to you, Science-O-Mania can organise the Mad Science theme party for you with all the magic mentioned above, and lots more no matter where you are. We are ready to bring the party to you in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and even at outstation venues.

Savvy watching a Harry Potter movie now? Lay back, have a pint of pumpkin juice and watch them all!

and let Science-O-Mania give you and your child the themed birthday party  they deserve.

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